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Frequently asked questions

Please see below for a sizing chart: 

Schedules and rosters are available to parents 7-10 days prior to the start date of the season. We announce the practice/game schedule for the entire season prior to the season starting.

Practice is held right before the game for easy convenience! Practice is typically 30-45 minutes right before the game.

You may register at the venue that is closest to your residence. For most programs we have different venue options for you to choose from.

Our league play includes the player jersey, all practices/ games, Teammate of the week award, and an end of the season award. There are no additional fees or fundraising in our programs!

Yes! All of our programs are volunteer-based. If you want to coach please fill out the coaches application by clicking the following link:

All of our coaches are volunteer coaches. Usually parent volunteers. All volunteer coaches are background checked and trained prior to the season. All coaches are required to attend our coaches meeting where we train them on how to appropriately coach within our programs.

Yes! We do accept friend and coach requests! Whether you are looking to bring in a whole team, half team, or a few friends, we will do our absolute best to accommodate your requests! We have a portion in our online registration where you can enter in friend or coach requests.

Note: Not all requests are guaranteed.

Yes, each child will get equal playing time during the games as well as rotate positions. We guarantee each child will play minimum 50% of the game. Kids can't develop if they never enter the game!

Yes, we do keep score and feel it is important kids know the score of their game. However, we are more focused on the development, fun and sportsmanship aspects of the game over winning at all costs.

Yes, all of our programs consist of girls and boys mixed together.

Yes! The earlier you register, the more you save! Every season we will offer an early bird discount for parents to take advantage of as well as referral discounts.

We also provide a $10.00 sibling discount that automatically gets applied in your checkout for any additional children registered.

Yes! Every gameday we will have a site manager in charge for customer service. In addition, we will have a certified referee for each game (Aside from Tball/baseball).

Each sport/program will have different equipment needs. We will email all of the parents prior to the season with important information including sport specific equipment needs.

First, we notify all the parents in the league if a game is cancelled due to inclement weather. We as a league will do our best to make up the lost game day. Our first step is to try add a week to the end of the season for a make-up. Any attempts after the one week make up will end up being double headers on another game day.


  1. The individual who is requesting account access can create a Teamwork Sports member account and request the account holder to add them to their family account. The account holder would have to go to their family account settings and under parents select "add user" and add said user.
  2. The account holder who registered the child / children may send our league office an email granting permission of that said person to be added to their family account. We at the league office would then manually add the new user to the registered family account. Must provide name, email, and address.
  3. The individual requesting account information and the account holder will work out separate forms of communication between themselves.
  1. Outside 35 days from the start date of the season: 75% refund or 100% future credit.
  2. Inside 35 days from the start date of the season: 50% refund or 75% future credit.
  3. Any refund request after the start date of the season will be determined by the league office.

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